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Standard Technology

          Rigid, Flex and Rigid-Flex

Specialized Technology:

          Conductor Line/Space to .001"

          Buried, Blind and Micro Via Technology

          9 Sequential Laminations

          Aluminum, Metal Core, Speciality Materials

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Emerging Technology:

          Finer Line (5 microns)

          10 Micron Via's Plated Through

          Selectively Plated Micro Vias



Price negotiation, contract negotiation, monitoring milestones.  Omni PCB acts as an extension of your organization.


We recommend the best fit, most cost competitive supplier for your specific requirements.


As a manufacturer's rep organization specializing in the printed circuit board industry, we represent suppliers, all leaders in their market niche with complimentary capabilities that together,  allow us to provide a solution to any PCB challenge.

Certain projects require extremely cost sensitive standard technology and need a reliable supplier.  We have a solution.

Certain projects push the limits of technology and need a supplier that can keep pace and assist with DFM review and development. We have a solution.

Certain projects mandate high reliability and need a PCB supplier experienced in high reliability performance with full military certs. We have a solution.

Certain projects, time to market is most critical and a supplier is needed that can turn any technology requirement quickly and reliably.  We have a solution.

Printed Circuit boards are one of THE MOST critical components of your electronic assembly.

With over  40 years combined experience in the PCB industry, we are here to help our customers make informed decisions regarding their PCB designs and  purchases.

Whether you require standard technology, specialized technology or emerging technology, we have a solution.

Rigid Circuit Boardss

  • Standard Technology
  • Technology with "a twist"
  • High Density Interconnect
  • Micro-electronics.

Flexible Circuits

Rigid Flex Circuits

Military and Commercial

Mil-PRF 31032/ 55110, AS9100, ITAR

Quick Turn Delivery:  1,3,5 and 10 Day

Domestic and Off Shore Sourcing

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Products to meet your requirements

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Work directly with us for design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for cost reviews.  Applications Engineering support available including materials selection!




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