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Omni PCB


Polymide Flex Materials, A Variety of Rigid Materials, Ceramic, Aluminumand Others


     *  Fine line (5 microns) to wide line (250 microns)

     *  10 micron vias plated through

     *  Ability to selectively plate vias

     *  Copper thickness from .1 to 10.0 microns

     *  Substrates with thickness of 50,25,12 microns or less

     *  Single circuits or panels  up to 18" x 24"

     *  Coat pre-drilled via walls.

Breakthrough inFine Line Metalization

Omni PCB is proud to be working with this revolutionary technology.  IC packaging and high end applications are driving the need for finer lines.  Conventional (subtractive etch) processing has a hard barrier at 25 micron resolution.  Only additive approaches can achieve fine lines and thin copper less than 10 microns.  This precurser ink breaks through the conventional barriers and works with existing PCB manufacturing equipment.


  • Finer Line and Space: 5 micron to 250 micron - critical to higher resolution devices and smaller packages
  • Fully Bio-Compatible Materials:  Copper or gold traces can be applied directly to polyimide with no chrome or nickel tie coat
  • Ability to plate on a curved surface:  Eliminates an interconnection
  • RF Advantage:  Eliminate the trapezoidal effect of traditional copper etching
  • Stacked micro via excellence:  Unique capabilities for selective plating with a 20-60% cost savings 

This is a rapidly developing technology, used alone or in combination with more traditional printed circuit board design features.  Contact us today to learn more!